RPC hosts the welcome reception for Composites Australia

7 April 2014 in Company

Hunter manufacturer, RPC Technologies, today hosted delegates from Composite Australia’s conference in Newcastle with a tour of its Broadmeadow facilities.

Conference delegates and speakers have come from around the world to be part of the largest conference focusing on composite materials in Australasia.

RPC Technologies has been a leader in the field for over 40 years, specialising in the use of composite materials such as fibre reinforced plastics, glass reinforced plastics and carbon fibre.

The Company’s engineering and manufacturing operations extend throughout Australia and South Asia, employing over 500 skilled staff.

RPC Managing Director, Tony Caristo, points to the remarkable strength, corrosion resistance, lightness and energy efficiency of modern composite materials.

“These characteristics set composites apart from older generation materials. They are the reasons why we are seeing composites being applied to a growing array of different manufacturing, infrastructure and environmental applications”.

“It has enabled us to compete successfully on a global basis. We serve a wide range of different markets, industries and clients across the globe where the performance advantages of composite materials really count”.

“We are therefore delighted to be able to showcase our capabilities and the role of composite materials for a lighter and smarter world”, added Mr Caristo.

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