Our Approach


RPC is committed to achieving a high standard of environmental care through responsible management of the environmental impact of all company operations.

The management of RPC recognises its responsibility to its customers and the community to make a commitment to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment.

It is the RPC's policy to:

  • Continually improve our environmental management in accordance with the developing statutory requirements and community expectations;
  • Identify and minimise environmental risks in our operations products and services, ensuring that applicable environmental law and customer requirements are adhered to;
  • Minimise wastage through better designs, technology and improved process;
  • Ensure that all parties that affect the RPC Technologies business are aware of the environmental standards required to comply with this environmental policy.

RPC acknowledges its environmental responsibilities and ranks them equally with its other business objectives. Environmental management plans are an integral part of the overall planning and management process, and will be reviewed continuously.

Environmental Policy Statement:

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