PermaGRE® Pipe

PermaGRE® Pipe

RPC is an exclusive distributor of PermaGRE® product range of high pressure pipes and fittings made from glass reinforced epoxy resin and serves the needs of the rapidly growing mining, oil, gas, infrastructure, resources and energy markets in Australia and South East Asia.  PermaGRE® is manufactured to ISO 9001,  ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 quality management system.

Materials of Construction

PermaGRE® high pressure pipe is a non-corrosive product through the filament winding of fibreglass that is saturated in a proprietary formula of epoxy resin and curing agents, utilising specialised winding and heat curing techniques.

Epoxy resin has a particular molecular chain structure that provides a superior chemical bonding and curing system.  Utilising fiberglass as an integrated element these molecular features work together to form a 3D network of greater structural integrity in material strength, smoothness, corrosive resistance, porosity and capillary resistance, thermal and anti-conductive features.

RPC has the proven capability to provide you with end to end solutions including design, engineering, supply, manufacture, prefabrication, testing, training and site installation.

Proven Performance

•    Excellent durability and corrosion resistance

•    High standards of performance

•    Design service life from 25 -100 years

•    Superior flow characteristics

•    Reduced installation costs

•    Low maintenance


Download Attachment: PermaGRE Piping Systems Final.pdf