Defence Systems Sector


RPC Defence is an experienced supplier of ballistic protection and fire suppression systems for both military and civil applications.

RPC Defence has many years of experience in ballistic protection, having provided all Spall Curtains for all Australian Army M113 vehicles since 1997 and Bushmaster vehicles from 2008 onwards.

RPC's capabilities have been further enhanced by the signing of an exclusive agreement for Australasia with IBD Deisenroth (Germany) for the supply, manufacture and assembly of ballistic protection through technology transfer and IBD assistance.  This also allows RPC to offer IBD Armour Glass, which has a superior mass / strength ratio than currently available anywhere else in the world.

RPC can also offer fire suppression systems for internal and external applications, including:

  • Vehicle interiors
  • Wheel hubs / wheels
  • Engine compartments
  • Vehicle underside and roof


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Defence Systems
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