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Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) has traditionally been a material widely used in the transport industry due to the unique combination of properties that make it well suited to the bus and truck industry.

Key properties of GRP that make it an ideal material for buses and trucks include:

  • ease of manufacturing compound shapes to assist with styling and parts consolidation
  • relatively low cost tooling when compared with other materials
  • light weight when compared with alternatives
  • mechanical properties well suited to a transport environment
  • resistant to corrosive substances
  • straightforward and cost effective to repair


RPC Transport has a long history in the transport industry with the manufacture of a variety of components including truck bonnets, bus fronts and numerous other parts for trucks and buses. The majority of our production facilities have paint booths on site so where necessary a fully fitted and painted item can be supplied, thus adding to vehicle production line throughput. Well known companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Kenworth and Volgren have utilised RPC Transport as a supplier of GRP components over a number of years and continue to do so.

The trend towards component value-adding with the addition of hardware, electrical wiring and other finishing processes is very well suited to RPC's capabilities, given the technical depth of our engineering and production teams. Significant savings can often be realised by taking these activities off-line for the bus and truck manufacturers as well as freeing up significant capacity on the production line.


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