Rail Systems Sector

Passenger / Light Rail

RPC Transport design, manufacture and supply an extensive range of interior and exterior components for the passenger rail market.

As the leading supplier of rail interior products to the Australian market for over 15 years a wealth of technical and production expertise has accumulated within the business. It is this expertise which enables RPC Transport to provide its customers with high quality, leading edge technology and reliability of supply on each and every contract.

Rail products offered by RPC Transport include:

  • Fixed, walkover, rotating, reclining and flip-up seating
  • Lighting modules
  • Toilet modules
  • Lining panels
  • Front masks (ballistic and non-ballistic)
  • Weather shields
  • Specialty electrical and mechanical components


RPC Transport can provide any of the above products individually or kitted ready for delivery straight to the railcar production fit-out station. Kitting minimises the cost of processing, handling and damage to interior components which is of significant benefit to our customer's throughput rates and project profitability.

Innovative design is the hallmark of RPC Transport products and with a significant engineering team covering the mechanical, materials, industrial, electrical, electronic and computing disciplines, the ability to fully cater for heavy and light rail passenger vehicles is unsurpassed. RPC's innovation has been recognised by a number of design and manufacturing awards over the years for a range of different products and processes. Meeting customer needs however remains our focus, along with the recognition that in a global market it is important to continue the enhancement of both products and processes to best serve our customers.

RPC Transport has a number of production and logistics facilities in the Australasian region and is well located to service customers in many parts of the world. With a substantial manufacturing plant near Singapore, one of the world's busiest shipping ports, product can be rapidly deployed to anywhere in the world.

One of the key differentiators with RPC Transport is the ability to source technology, raw materials and components from the most cost effective locations in the world. The substantial volumes of materials required within the RPC Group not only assist buying power but also the frequency of full container deliveries to production facilities with obvious cost benefits to customers.

RPC Transport invests heavily in product and materials research and development to ensure our products remain at the leading edge of international development. Knowledge gained from this on-going research and development programme allows us to contribute positively to our customer's project during the concept design phase of passenger rail cars.



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