RPC Resources + Energy Sector


Outstanding internal and external corrosion resistance - eliminating the need for external coatings and protective linings.

The RPC group of companies (RPC) is a leading Australasian designer, engineer, manufacturer and installer of composite products including GRP and GRVE pipe products sold to premier companies in Australia and South East Asia.

RPC’s new range of glass reinforced epoxy (GRE) piping products and fittings (PermaGRE™) serve the needs of the rapidly growing oil and gas markets in Australia and South East Asia.

The PermaGRE™ product range is American Petroleum Institute (API) accredited and complements RPC’s other products and services, including our glass reinforced plastic (GRP) Permaglass®, PermaGRP™ and Flowtite® products, as well as RPC’s Infrastructure + Environment and Resource + Energy operation and site work capabilities.

Please see details below on our complete PermaGRE™ product range.

RPC Resources + Energy Contact

RPC Resources + Energy
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