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The RPC Group is well structured to provide a complete range of services to our national and international clients. We offer reliable and precise engineering and project management, together with quality manufacturing and site services.

RPC Seven Hills

The Seven Hills office comprises the major functions of business development, engineering design and drafting, sales, and project management for the infrastructure & environment and defence operations of the business.

Using state of the art finite element analysis tools and CAD systems, RPC Technologies provides unparalleled skills in the design and development of fibre reinforced composite structures. The engineering team provides innovative engineered solutions to industry that have put RPC Technologies at the lead in technical development in the fibre composites field. We are a Bureau Veritas Quality International accredited company complying with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.

Our Seven Hills workshop undertakes the design, construction and maintenance of specialist tooling, such as filament winding equipment, for other operations within the group. In addition, fabrication and rehabilitation work for the Department of Defence on specialist military equipment, such as Floating Bridge sections (MGB), is regularly undertaken at this facility. The ballistic curtains (spall liners) for the Australian Army M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers and Bushmaster are also manufactured and refurbished at this facility.

RPC Broadmeadow

Broadmeadow operation was acquired in 2004 as a complementary adjunct to the existing RPC operations. The Broadmeadow facility comprises over 4,000 square metres of manufacturing area, in addition to a substantial engineering group that covers the disciplines of mechanical and electrical engineering, materials science, and industrial design, along with associated state of the art design and testing equipment. Business development, project management and other business related services for the Transport and PCM operations are also located at the Broadmeadow facility.

RPC has sufficient infrastructure and technical resource to mobilise the largest of composites, seating, toilet module and lighting projects for the rail industry. During the last several years, projects such as the Double Deck Millennium train, V'Locity DMU Single Decks and OSCAR Double Deck trains have sourced the vast majority of composite, lighting and seating products from RPC Technologies.

Complex design projects such as toilet modules with power doors for disabled access, vacuum toilet systems, lighting and all ancillary hardware and electronics can be fully designed and integrated by RPC Technologies. Driver's cab modules can also be designed and manufactured to include various levels of mechanical and electrical fit-out. High levels of cab fit-out by RPC Technologies before delivery enable vehicle builders to minimise disruption to cycle times often associated with the traditional driver's cab fit-out on vehicle. It is testimony to the technical skill of RPC Technologies that numerous engineering awards have resulted from design projects undertaken.

In addition to manufacturing new products, we can also refurbish interior components such as seating. The largest passenger railcar refurbishment ever undertaken in Australia (approximately 1,000 double deck railcars) had all seating units refurbished by RPC Technologies. Refurbishment is a cost effective solution that can often extend the life of products well beyond original design expectations.

Specialist composite manufacturing technology, such as large scale vacuum infusion, is based at Broadmeadow. Our infusion is used for the manufacture of ballistic cab fronts such as those used on the Millennium Double Deck railcars in NSW and the V'Locity DMU vehicles in Victoria. Development of our infusion process was undertaken entirely in-house, as are many of the other processing techniques now utilised by the RPC Technologies Group. This ability to not only engineer products but also manufacturing processes sets us apart from competitors.

RPC Corio

RPC purpose built flagship facility was built in 2010, and provides significant additional capacity to the RPC Group. Established specifically to cater to the needs of our clients in our Transport, Infrastructure & Environment and Defence sectors, the facility boasts a large, temperature controlled factory fully equipped with a wide range of equipment, including overhead cranage, full extraction systems, a specialist infusion room, paint booth, and post curing oven.

PT RPC Indonesia - Batam

The Batam Island facility is the largest of the composites manufacturing facilities within the RPC group, and is strategically located within the Batam bonded zone and free trade area. This facility currently employs around 200 people and will continue to grow because of the outstanding quality and cost outcomes RPC Technologies can deliver from this globally competitive facility.

The Batam facility is owned by PT RPC Indonesia, which is a full PMA company (i.e. established as a foreign investment company). This structure allows full control and ownership of the Batam operation by the RPC Group.

The size of the manufacturing operation in Batam is approximately 7,200 square metres, however it will continue to expand for the foreseeable future to meet growing demand for its products. This facility also incorporates office space and stores, and has filament winding equipment as well as a comprehensive array of infrastructure for contact moulding.

Products produced in this factory have been supplied to many successful projects throughout Australasia. High quality rail components, odour containment covers for sewerage treatment plants, cooling water pipes, cooling tower shells and a host of other composite components have been manufactured in this facility.

Some of the larger multi-million dollar projects undertaken in the Batam facility for overseas clients include Ulu Pandan STP Stage 1 and Extension, Bedok Contract II Covers, Bedok Contract III Ducting, Pulau Seraya Power Station Cooling Water System, Lumut and Perlis Power Station Cooling Water Systems, and Goro Nickel Upper Decanter. Some of the large Australian multimillion dollar projects include interior and exterior panels for OSCAR double deck railcars, interior and exterior panels for V'Locity railcars, and covers for sewerage treatment plants in various parts of Australia.

The Batam facility is fully staffed by Australian management and shop floor supervision. RPC Technologies operations, engineering and maintenance personnel regularly visit the works as new projects come on stream that require this specialised input. There is also an engineering department employing 7 qualified engineers doing design and project management. Facilities include 7 AutoCAD workstations and 1 SolidWorks 3D CAD workstation.

The Batam factory is able to manufacture large composite structures, and has previously made filament wound pipe up to 3.6m in diameter and lengths up to 12m. Part of the Batam facility can also accommodate fabricated composite product up to 6m in height, catering for even the largest of projects. Post curing ovens, rotators, pipe end preparation grinders, radial drilling and other machining equipment fully equips the Batam operation for most types of composite projects.

RPC Singapore Pte Ltd

Established since 1995, the Singapore office is a representative and sales operation which manages RPC projects throughout South East Asia. The operation is staffed by local Singaporean Nationals demonstrating RPC's commitment to Regional Operations.

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