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The transition of RPC Technologies into an independent company occurred in September 2002 when a group comprising key managers, staff members, and major investors from Thailand purchased the business from the Transfield Group.

Formerly known as Transfield RP/C, the new RPC Group of Companies comprises essentially the same elements and personnel as the original RP/C group. Established in Australia for over 40 years, RPC has been the leading supplier of corrosion resistant, structural FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) fabrications, piping and ducting systems, acid resistant heavy duty linings and specialist composite products for defence. RPC has provided the skills and capabilities in composite design and manufacture that the Australasian market has demanded. RPC is an abbreviation for Reinforced Plastic Composites.

In 2002, the RPC Technologies Group was acquired, in its entirety, by investors who include existing management and staff, and ACE International Holdings Pte Ltd.

In 2004, further expansion occurred with the acquisition of Transform Rail Interiors, bringing further investment to the group and expanding RPC's already broad base of activities.

With sales offices located at Seven Hills west of Sydney, Broadmeadow in Newcastle, Corio in Geelong, and Singapore, we are well placed to service our growing customer base. We have manufacturing sites - in Seven Hills (NSW), Newcastle (NSW), Geelong (VIC), Lonsdale (SA) and Batam Island (Indonesia). In all, over 35,000 square metres of manufacturing capacity is available to service project needs, employing in excess of 500 skilled and semi skilled people, including over 30 engineers.

RPCs' manufacturing facility in Batam Island, Indonesia has been in operation since 1995. Major projects throughout Australasia can be serviced from this facility due to its proximity to Singapore, one of the world's largest distribution hubs for manufactured goods. The quality of composite products manufactured in our Batam Island facility is recognised as world class.

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