Designed exclusively by RPC engineers, the RPC Perma-Manhole® is a semi-structural GRP manhole liner with an integrated channel liner with an O-ring seal designed in accordance with BS EN 13121.3:2008+A1:2010 and AS3571.1 (ISO 10467). Eliminating the need for in-situ placement of reinforced steel in mass concrete encasement, the RPC solution minimises man-entry requirements and work in confined spaces. Perma-Manhole and RPC GRP manhole liners can be placed and concrete encased within 24 to 48 hours. Once the channel liner is installed and the joint tested, the GRP manhole liner can be installed, supported by a steel support frame at ground level.


  • RPC’s Perma-Manhole® provides unsurpassed corrosion resistance and a low-maintenance asset life of up to 100 years.
  • Extraordinary temperature resistance suitable for use with applications over 65°C (the hydration temperature of concrete).
  • The RPC’s GRP in-situ cast-in-place formwork resists both short-term construction loads and long-term hydrostatic ground water pressure.
  • Fast off-site manufacture up to 6m diameter.
  • An Integrated design for one-piece manhole, drop pipe and channel invert liner delivery.
  • Significantly reduced site risks and public disruption due to ease and speed of installation.



Integrated off-site Manufacture:

Perma-Manhole® is manufactured locally in our purpose-built facility in Geelong, Victoria from 1m up to 6m in diameter.  Working with you to properly define the scope of your requirements, RPC can then design, manufacture and deliver the Perma-Manhole® structure that will present the easiest installation method. For instance, our factory install manhole liners ancillaries such as vortex structures, drop pipes, support clamps and ladders. This means that the complete Perma-Manhole® assembly only needs to be dropped into place once delivered to site.

Rapid site installation minimising risk and public disruption:

One piece delivery is a great benefit to site installation crews as it minimizes public interruption and significantly reduces installation time. Work Health and safety risk is also minimised by avoiding the need for site personnel to have to access the manhole cavity during installation.

RPC’s Perma-Manhole® are lightweight and provide an exceptional weight-to-strength ratio. Joining the liners to the GRP jacking pipes can be done from either inside or outside the GRP channel liner (the lower section of the Perma-Manhole) depending on the construction methodology selected.

Our liners provide structural formwork that is capable of being placed into the excavations as a single or multi-piece segment and continuously concrete- encased in a single pour process.

These combined benefits achieve:

  • Significantly decreased public disruption.
  • Substantial program efficiencies.
  • Potentially eliminates the need for the provision of reinforcing steel in the manhole base 


For further information contact:
Mr Paul Sproules – Business Development Manager

RPC Infrastructure
+61 2 9624 9831

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