Engineering & Design


RPC brings together some of the world’s most respected engineers and material specialists in the field of fibre composites, providing access to a highly skilled team in Australia as well as access to a global network of internationally acclaimed composite related engineering and materials expertise.

Offering industry the very best in advice, design and testing with capabilities such as design of prototypes, materials engineering, product development, material inspection and testing, CAD, 3D, FEA and Caesar Stress Analysis, failure analysis and inspections services.

RPC is available as a commercial consultancy service in relation to concept and design, research and development initiatives, and/or fibre composite related manufacturing projects.

Specialist advice can also be provided in relation to relevant design, engineering and technical related matters.

More broadly, RPC Engineering underpins the integrity, quality and performance of everything they do. It is the difference that sets them apart from others.

For further information contact:
+61 2 9624 9800

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