Infrastructure Sector

Infrastructure Sector


RPC Infrastructure + Environment is a leader in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of larger scale composite solutions for major water, wastewater, industrial and environmental infrastructure projects in Australia and overseas.

Their capability, experience and track record are unmatched when it comes to major projects such as wastewater treatment, desalination plants, chemical, gas and mineral extraction applications.

Some 40 years of performance stands testament to the quality of engineering, manufacture, installation and through-life support offered by RPC Infrastructure + Environment. 

Products include

  • Small to large bore piping (pressure and gravity)
  • Tanks and specialty process vessels (simple and complex designs)
  • Odour containment and transfer systems (ducts and covers)
  • Odour removal systems (biological, chemical and activated carbon)
  • Ventilation and exhaust stacks


Infrastructure Contact

Infrastructure + Environment 
24 Powers Road
Seven Hills NSW 2147

P: +6 12 9624 9800
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