PT RPC Indonesia celebrates Family Day and Long Service Awards – March 2024

PT RPC Indonesia celebrates Family Day and Long Service Awards – March 2024

Earlier in the month, the PT RPC Indonesia (Batam) employees and their families, totaling 687 guests, attended an RPC Family Day

which in the past has been an annual event, but due to Covid and other external factors, this was the first get-together for three years.

An annual Family Day is always a popular event across Indonesian companies, with the aim to enhance employee engagement, build a positive company culture, honour the achievements of the whole team and recognise employees who have achieved outstanding service milestones; on this occasion five, 15 and 20-years-of-service.

The event kicked off with traditional dancing, followed by a few words from the organising committee Chairman, Roganda; Mark Biggs, General Manager, (recognised for five years of service); and Tony Caristo, Managing Director, RPC Group, who attended with his wife Rose, followed by a traditional cake cutting ceremony. Other special guests included Alpesh Pradhan and Mark Toh from RPC Singapore, and Ibu Fanny, Director for RPC Indonesia.

Long Service Awards were presented to 33 employees for 15-years and 28 employees for 20-years. These are remarkable service records that demonstrate a dedication to excellence coupled with a willingness to go above and beyond, exemplifying the true spirit of teamwork and collaboration which has been instrumental in the success of the Batam facility.

Lunch was accompanied by singing and 170 lucky prize draws – all donated by PT RPC Indonesia’s suppliers.

We look forward to this special event returning to an annual celebration.

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