RPC Delivers Gold Standard Fire Retardancy for the Rail Sector – 11/12/2018

RPC Delivers Gold Standard Fire Retardancy for the Rail Sector – 11/12/2018

The use of new foam suppliers and products has provided RPC with the opportunity to update and develop its seating assemblies to ensure compliance to the latest and most stringent international fire testing safety standards.

Our RPC seats have been tested in-line with ‘AS7529.3 Australian Railway Rolling Stock – Fire Safety’, which combines the heat release and smoke/toxicity requirements of ‘EN45545-2 Fire Protection on Railway Vehicles’with the flame spread requirements of the 900g CSIRO timber crib test.

RPC is proud to announce that independent testing performed by internationally-recognised LAPI Laboratories in Italy has shown that our seat-cushion assemblies meet the highest achievable rating of Hazard Level 3 (HL3) for all relevant tests defined in EN45545-2, and that our seat assemblies have passed the 900g CSIRO timber crib test with ease.

Whilst fire safety was a critical goal, RPC recognises the importance of maintaining passenger comfort while complying to all original performance requirements. Dynamic testing has therefore been repeated with our updated cushion assemblies and no visible deterioration has been observed following test completion.

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