RPC South East Asia offers 3D Scanning Technology

RPC South East Asia offers 3D Scanning Technology

MARCH 2020: RPC has purchased and installed the latest technology in 3D Scanning Systems in the Batam, Indonesia facility. The system is totally portable and provides full laser scanning capability. Combined with powerful software, it can produce detailed comparisons between CAD models and inspection results and create solid surface CAD models to the most exacting client requirements, either onsite or at the client’s facility.

3D scanning can greatly benefit organisations working in manufacturing, engineering, design, development, surveying or testing. 3D scanning technology can be applied at any point in a typical manufacturing cycle, saving time, money and material. 3D scanning results in higher quality, better fitting parts that are less costly to manufacture. With this capability in place, RPC can capture complex geometry quickly, efficiently and accurately.

The new 3D scanner is a metrology grade laser scanner capable of scanning any surface without the need for surface preparation. It is accurate to 0.030mm with a measurement rate of 480,000 measures/second allowing for very rapid data acquisition.

Unaffected by the measurement environment such as instability, vibration, thermal and variation, the scanner can be used virtually anywhere.

This equipment also provides us the capability for reverse engineering, translating scanned data into CAD data for CNC machining, 3D printing or importing into any major CAD software package for further processing, whether it be for generating a new 3D model, generating 2D drawings or modifying an existing design.

RPC looks forward to providing our clients with this leading-edge technology.

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