RPC Welcomes Glen Jameson 17.2.2021

RPC Welcomes Glen Jameson 17.2.2021

Glen has joined RPC as General Manager – Asset Services bringing more than 25-years-experience as a Senior Manager specialising in the water and wastewater sectors notably with Sydney Water and TasWater. Glen joins RPC to head up the new Asset Services business which will assist owners and managers of GRP/FRP assets in the water sector to maximise the ROI of their assets and importantly, to ensure continued operational efficiency and safety.

RPC’s 40-plus years of successful operations in design, engineering, manufacturing and installing major FRP assets for Governments and asset owners is unmatched in Australasian markets making us uniquely positioned to provide this increasingly key service. You can contact Glen for more information at glen.jameson@rpctechnologies.com

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