Flowtite® GRP Pipe Systems


There are more than 20 Flowtite® Plants around the world, and Flowtite’s global annual pipe production is more than any other GRP Pipe company.

Flowtite® GRP Pipe is manufactured in a continuously advancing steel mandrel, which allows the raw materials to be applied and cured at high speeds and high accuracy. The completely computer automated and precision process produces high quality GRP Pipe in diameters from 80mm through to over 3000mm in diameter.

The composite pipe construction of Polymer Resin, Glass Fibre and Silica Sand, provides a high strength and corrosion resistant pipe with excellent engineering properties.


Flowtite® GRP Piping offers significant advantages over other piping materials, such as:

  • Smooth Internal Bore better flow characteristics.
  • Lightweight faster, easier installation.
  • Corrosion Resistant long life in any application, no coatings.
  • 40 years design and manufacturing experience.
  • Long Service Life 100+ years.
  • 100% Pressure Testing of Pipe and Couplings.
  • PN1 to over PN35 high-pressure piping.
  • 3m, 6m, 13m and 18m lengths available.

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For more information download attachment:

2014-02 – RPC_Flowtite – Installation Guide AWWA-final.pdf

For further information contact:

(+61) 8 8329 1111

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