Flowtite® Jacking Pipe


FLOWTITE™ Jacking pipes are designed for the construction and renovation of underground pipelines using trenchless methods. FLOWTITE™ jacking pipes feature high axial strength and ring stiffness and a flush coupling design. FLOWTITE™ Jacking Pipes are manufactured on a continuously winding and advancing mandrel, ensuring consistent high quality pipes. These are recognised for their strength and corrosion resistance making them suitable for a range of applications including water, sewerage and drainage.



  • Minimum environmental disturbance, especially in urban areas.
  • Significant reduction in social costs
  • A strong, watertight, complete pipeline after jacking is finished.
  • Lower installation costs compared to open trench technology.
  • Pipe structure can be designed individually according to project‐specific requirements.


FLOWTITE™ Jacking pipes can be installed in straight or curved sections in vertical or horizontal alignments. The construction methods are suitable for both cohesive and non‐cohesive soils, in dry or high water table conditions. Pipe jacking is primarily used for:

  • Construction of new sewer pipelines.
  • Old sewer replacements.
  • Construction of conduits as protective.
  • Road and technology culverts in transport engineering Electricity and telecommunication cable ducts in urban areas or areas with groundwater restrictions.
  • Relining.

For more information download attachment:

Flowtite Jacking Pipe Brochure – v1 1.pdf

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